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When we made our first film H2indO, it was an introduction to the world of SUP and the stars of the sport—it was also my introduction to filmmaking. H2mexicO has naturally evolved just as the explosion of the sport of stand up paddling has evolved……exponentially.

While this film has benefitted from my growth as a filmmaker, it still has the same mediocre narration by yours truly, homegrown humor by Chuckster and the gang, while chronicling the incredible advances in SUP equipment and ability of the last two years. We follow the best SUP surfers and racers in the world into desolate Baja Mexico waters on the Royal Pelagic surf yacht.

The result is another ground breaking Endless Summer-style journey with 10x World Paddling Champion Jamie Mitchell, renowned watermen Dave Kalama and Chuck Patterson, the quiet competitor Danny Ching, along with perennial podium standouts Slater Trout and Connor Baxter, Molokai-2-Oahu World Record holder Talia Decoite, and SUP style-master/shredder Dave Boehne…..not to mention an appearance by the iconic Gerry Lopez.